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VAT Bridge

Here is how MyReport Essential will help you to file your VAT.

1. Data Extraction

Capture the right data elements by connecting to any ERP/ Transactional system. Store the transformed data by creating a data warehouse.

2. Transformation

Transform and massage the extracted data elements to build the right data models.

3. Creation of VAT Upload Ready Files

Generate the standard VAT Return File, VAT return File for FTA Audit file, Tax Invoices, Credit Notes/ Debit notes from these data models.

4. File Transfer

MyReport will help in automatically updating the created file and mailing or transferring it to a file folder (FTP) at required number of intervals.

Business can now upload these files from FTP to the FTA E-Tax Portal.



Why MyReport?

  1. Update your VAT ready CSV files at a desired frequency.
  2. Generate additional VAT Reports for Trend Analysis, VAT Related compliance and analytical reports.
  3. Optimize your data in such a way that it improves the performance of file creation.
  4. Reduce the chances of manual error because of automation in file creation and reporting.
  5. Multiple options for graphical representation of reports- Bar graph, pie chart, line graph, speedometer, Area, Radar, etc.