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Quick Report has proved beneficial for many users across different Industrial Verticals. Here are some of the users experiences with MyReport, Virtual Reality Based Health & Safety Training, VirtDB, CData, etc.

We at Spicer India, are extremely happy with the ease that MyReport Essential provides in connection to multiple data sources, consolidating this heterogeneous data and then generating the specific reports in the required format. We cannot deny that the tool is extremely user friendly and certainly a Quality tool to deploy. We are very happy and satisfied with the support and services provided by the Quick Report team. Last but not the least, the Customer approach is always considered a priority here.


We at John Energy Limited, are reaping the benefits of MyReport Essential since last 10 Years. It is very Powerful Reporting and BI Tool and also very easy to use at the same time. Any functional user can built his/her own customised reports after a few hours of training. In our Organization, we have created and deployed more than 250 reports for the Management (MIS Syatem), department Head as well as end-users of almost all the departments. It is in real sense making our Reporting and MIS seamless.

Vikram Joshi, John Energy LimitedIT Manager

It was a novel experience for the plant people and we all have witnesses enthusiastic participation from people for the Virtual Reality based Health and Safety Training session. The Training modules were enjoyed by the participants which was user friendly and well monitored by expert trainer from team QRS. We are expecting future association over new and advanced EHS training programs as and when required. Marico family express our appreciation to the Quick Report team for this wonderful experience.  

Mr. Mobashshir Nasim – Manager Safety, Health & Environment.Marico Limited

Quick Report Software along with MyReport Essential tool seamlessly helped us in the extraction of big data from our source database. Data Warehousing and ETL features have minimised our daily troubles in reporting. It has reduced our SAP RICEF reports development work by eliminating approximately 40 number of quality department reports. We are satisfied and delighted with Data connectivity solutions and services offered by QRS.

Pravin Mandlekar – DGM ITUltra Engineers

Quick report has helped us extract and compile data required for ststutory compliance of GSTR1 and GSTR2. It has made filing GSTR process effortless. It helps us operate smoothly which makes the report handy - ready to upload at the right time. Service given by Quick RReport is swift and repid which makes the filing procedure painless. MyReport is an overlt dedicated tool which delivers superlative results.


MyReport has made our reporting and MIS hassle free which has proved to be less time consuming and convenient. This tool is quite user-friendly and comes handy for all kinds of reporting. It has proved to be prompt and effortless in its service.


Our team at Unitech Automation uses MYREport extensively. We receive varied action triggering reports every day and it is easily manageable with MyReport. It simplifies the process of Model making. It saves our time when it comes to small reports as well. The data that we need our reports to cover includes many areas and statistics and it gets very complicated without MyReport. The team here at Unitech believes that - Anything and everything is possible in MyReport.

Mr. Bhujbal – MDUnitech Automation Pvt. Ltd.

MyReport has been helping with our MIS reports since 2016. It also helps with our Sales Invoices on GSTN. I must say that our management is very happy with Myreport. Generating live data in the qualified format was difficult and time-consuming and MyReport was our saviour. Our Stock Reports are now available live to all users in the company at any given time and are also being used by Stores, Purchase, Production and Finance and sales Departments for effective planning of available stocks.

Kaushik Shah -Finance ManagerBrilliant Polymers Pvt. Ltd.

It has proved to be very pragmatic for our reporting needs. It gives Fast support, Quick response, and legitimate work which make the whole process quite easy. Usually, we spend a lot of time customizing our reports but MyReport made the whole process as good as effortless.

Precomp Tools Pvt. Ltd.

Our MIS requirements have met and Reports are working well. This reporting tool has been very convenient to use. It has proved to be very handy as we can use various filters available for any analysis along with building different types of Graphs. The dashboards can be easily integrated with any ERP. Technical staff and support team are very customer-centric as they attend all queries quickly. Anyone can rely on their products and the quality of their services

Mr.M.B. Shetty – Navision ConsultantCHRYSO India Pvt. Ltd.

MyReport has changed our life. Auto dispatch of reports saves us a lot time and consistent reporting is now possible with MyReport.

Saraswat Infotech Ltd.

MyReport is a very easy to use and powerful BI tool. The whole interface makes it accessible and a breeze to implement. Considering all the options available to us we been using it for a while now and can totally endorse the same.

Furtados Music India Pvt. Ltd.

MyReport is a very user-friendly tool. It helps you to analyze and visualize your business and day to day activities. It is good for comparing and checking performance of each individual, department wise. We live this tool because it helps us to make different types of reports. Also, you can save your time which is very important. It proves its own name – Quick Report

Mothers Recipe

MyReport has helped Fleetguard to marshal the data and bring it to Business users for their Decision Making. The data across Finance, Sales, Materials, operations has been put to right use to generate Reports and Dashboards that includes features like Trend Analysis, Slicing and Dicing, Drill Down and so on. MyReport modules are very user friendly and they can generate meaningful reports rapidly. MyReport stays with the expectation of “Reports for Everyone”.

Fleetguard Filters Pvt.Ltd.

MyReport has made our Indirect Taxation Team’s work hassle-free as the GSTR data auto-populates directly from the ERP application on to the GSP cloud. With a one-day training session, we found MyReport very simple to use for Reporting and Data Plotting with multiple dimensions and views. It is an extremely user-friendly and comprehensive BI solution.

Jesons Industries Ltd.

MyReport has helped us immensely for generating Graphical Reports. It makes designing the data model and reports flexible by providing isolated modules. These modules have convenient GUIs. Quick Report provides excellent customer service. The tickets raised by us are promptly addressed by the team. Understanding the tool was made convenient because of the excellent  POC provided by the team.

Aum Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Quick Report has helped our sales team by making their work smarter, in turn providing better results with data-driven evidence and real-time insights. MyReport gives businesses like ours the ability to perform fairly complex data visualization with the help of highly intuitive “Drag and Drop” feature.

Indus Health Plus

"For the past one year, our organization has been using MyReport for daily and weekly reports. Well-formatted reports are the key features of this tool. This tool is able to create a summary level report which gives a snapshot a broad level. It allows the user to drill deeper into the data for in-depth analysis. We believe that user training is a key factor for this tool.  A successful training session makes loading varied report formats easier. MyReport is a highly utilitarian tool and a must for any kind of organization."

Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company (MAHYCO)

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