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Restart MyReport Datarun with administrator rights >> open the main interface and click OK.
 If the problem persists, check in the scheduled task that the option "Run with highest privileges" is checked.
The field is noted as a dimension of analysis, you must qualify as an indicator in MyReport Data.
The default port used by SQL Server is TCP 1433.
The solution is to uninstall PDF Creator, and after that again reinstall PDF Creator using the setup 
installation MyReport.
No pdf viewer is installed on the machine.Install a PDF viewer (Acrobat Reader, Foxit, ...) to fix the problem.
 If the user is logged on the TSE server with a session that does not have administrator rights:
Open the C >> Windows >> system32 >> Right click on the file ole32.dll, and then Properties >> On the Security tab, 
select the TSE session user or user group that contains the TSE session 
>> Add Rights Amendment and Scripture >> and confirm with OK.
You should run MyReport Data as an administrator, to do this:
 >> right-click on the application and Run as administrator.>> right-click on the application.>> properties
 >> Compatibility tab: check Run this program as administrator.
Procedure for a new connection: >> Create an ODBC connection (ADO) >> Create a simple model
>> Up the list of tables >> Change the driver for the ODBC connection (Easysoft).
Procedure for an existing connection: >> Change the driver for the ODBC connection (ADO).
>> Put your model and update the list of tables >> Change the driver for the ODBC connection (Easysoft).
When you have the unixtime date then you must create a SQL calculated field in order to transform classic date.
For this, use the following formula:FROM_UNIXTIME (My Date Field).
"Database returns null if one of the elements of the transaction is null"
- should be test that fields are null or not before the Operation
Example:If field1 is not null and field2 is not null then field1 + field2
If field1 is not null then field1
If field2 is not null Then field2
A field (digital) TIMESTAMP stores the number of seconds since 01/01/1970.To create a timestamp from the 
date field in MyReport Data, use the formula: CurrToDate (Trunc ([timestamp] / 86400) 25569)
Explanation:- Timestamp/86400: number of days since 01/01/1970.  25569: numeric value of the date 01/01/1970.
The message “Unable to open xlsx file format or as its extension is not valid” Verify the file is not damaged,and that 
the extension matches the format of the file is displayed at the opening of a file generated by MyReport Messenger 
when the source file contains too many characters (e.g. spaces after the extension of the source file). 
E.g. The parameters are >> smtp server: >> port:587 >> User:complete address 
(incorporating the example >> password: password check the use
authentication >> Sender address: address (by including the example 

RESTRICTION: Avast anti-virus MUST be installed on the computer (with optional scan outgoing mail enabled).
This setting MyReport Messenger5 is only compatible with this virus.
Go to the properties of the model >> then uncheck the option "use regional settings”
 and put your own format in the box.
To update the toolbar Builder5 (or Viewer5) in Excel: - Right click on \Builder5\in the main menu
_ Click on Customize >> In the Toolbars >> select Builder 5 >> Click on Delete >> Confirm Delete  
 >> Keep the customization window open >> again, right click on Build 5 from the main menu >> Click on Delete 
 >> Close the customization window >> Close Excel and restart Excel.
The error message is: “ Unable to start service MyReport 5 Server on Local Computer" Error 5: Access is denied.
Right click on the application Server5.exe >> then Properties >> (Program Files >> ReportOne  >> MyReport5) 
>> In Security tab >> click Add >> Click on Object Types >> ticked Built in security principles >> then press OK 
>> Click Advanced >> and then Search >> Select NETWORK SERVICE >> then press OK 
 >> Close the Select Users or Groups by clicking on OK.
Add right Full Control to NETWORK SERVICE and validate.
Just create batch file(.bat) and write this code and call this file for scheduling.
Syntax - Path of MessengerRunWin5.exe Project >> Project Name Distribution >> Distribution name.
The solution is to Disable the Euro Currency Tool.
Click file menu >> Click on Excel Options >> Go to Add-Ins >> In Manage >> Excel Add-ins >> click Go 
>> Uncheck Euro Currency Tool >> and confirm.
In Excel Developer Tab >> Click on Macro Security >> Micro setting >> Check Enable all macros 
 >> Check Trust access to the object model of the VBA project.
Click on the windows of Excel:
- Go to Excel Options from file menu
- Go to the Add-Ins tab
- Select Disabled Items in the Manage drop-down menu at the bottom of the window
- Click on Go
If the file Builder5 .xlam appears, select it and click Enable.
The connector does not go the right size of the field sources. 
Regenerate the size of the destination fields from the field properties.
Only files with extensions .Xls , .Xlsx and .Xlsm are supported.
 .xlsb is not supported.
Right click on the menu Builder 5 >> delete the custom command >> Right click on the toolbar Builder 5 
 >> delete the custom toolbar >> Click the Office.
Click on Excel >> Options >> Select Add-Ins the Manage drop-down menu >> select Disabled Items 
 >> click Go Enable MyReport Builder 5 >> Close Excel and reopen.
1 - Open WordPad
2 - Enter your text
3 - File - Save As - Format MS-DO
In Excel 2007 :Options >> tab >> check Show Developer tab in the Ribbon.
In excel 2010 :Right click on menu >> select Customize >> Add Developer tab from Customize Ribbon.
You need to Open Excel >> Open the tab "Developer" >>  Click on the menu Visual Basic to open Visual Basic 
>> Close VB >> Close Excel.
Check in the properties of the connection that the debug mode (used only for explicit error messages) is unchecked.
When using the 2.0.3 version of Firebird, if you launch an ETL on a model after asking to see the data query, 
ETL hangs when removing from the table.
Proposed Solution: Update Firebird installing version 2.0.5 or higher.
It is not possible to host the MySystem file on a Linux server using Samba to share files with Windows machines.
It is not possible to host the file MySystem a NAS (Network Attached Storage).
At the launch of MyReport Builder or Viewer TCP / IP, it may be that the service does not have permission to access 
the folder MySystem. On the server where MyReport Server installed in Windows Explorer 
>> select the folder MySystem >> then right click Properties >> Select the Security tab >> then click Add ... 
In the Select Users or Group>> click Advanced and click Search >> Select Network Service >> or if it does not 
>> select Services >> then click OK >> Confirm again by clicking OK 
>> Select NETWORK SERVICE and check Allow Full Control >> Confirm by clicking OK.
The settings you need to connect Database which is hosted on AS400 >> Database
>> You can leave * or specify the IP address of the AS400 server User_Name 
>> the username that you use to connect to the AS400 Password >> the password for this user >> Custom String 
>> the last element of this parameter is empty. 
This item shows the libraries on which you want to connect.
If multiple libraries to be used, separated by commas.
Prerequisite:To connect to a database which is hosted on an AS/400, the iSeries client must be 
installed on computer where MyReport Data, DATARUN,Datarunwin or will be deployed.
Physical files: use the native connection with (AS400) as well as ODBC Logical files: use only ODBC.
It is recommended to use the native driver Access or ODBC Driver (ADO).
Right click on the data warehouse >> Properties >> Delete table >> Confirm by clicking OK.
If Oracle is used as a data warehouse, then it is necessary to install Oracle client where
MyReport Data or MyReport DataRun is installed.It is not necessary for MyReport Builder or Viewer.
Oracle 8i is incompatible with Windows Server 2003.
The default port is 1521 or 1551 in TCP.
Create two model out of which in one model we will collect all records using left outer join and in second model 
we will collect all records using right join and after that join both models on Datawarehouse.
Explanation:It is impossible to make the full joints in Oracle 9i.
Oracle prohibited identifiers (names) of tables, fields, indexes if its contain more than 30 characters. 
This error indicates an identifier exceeds 30 characters,Especially if the name of the table is
close to 30 characters (29 or 30). If this error occurs during ETL please rename the table name 
(or Renames the fields are too large) to have at most 25 characters.
Oracle does not accept full outer joints. You must be a consolidation of two models that match your requirements:- 
make one model with left join and then make second model with right join.
The number of characters from the path of the database is too long. It should not exceed 115 characters.
If you want to create a database called Database.mrd, simply copy / paste the database Database_Empty.mrd 
(located in the installation directory MyReport) and rename the copy as Database.mrd.
Or Click on Tools menu on MyReport Data. Select Create a firebird Database.
To optimize queries, it is advisable to: To join on Keys and not labels. Index fields used in joins.
Index fields used in filters. Avoid outer joins when they are not needed.
To change the default chart type:
1.Create a chart.
2.Select the Chart.
3.Right click,Select Change Chart Type.
4.In the Standard Types, select the new default.
5Click the Default.
6.Click on OK.
Move Builder5.xla or Viewer5.xla from Program file >> Microsoft office >> office14 >> Xlstart and double click on it. 
Disable micro >> Relocate this file on old position.
This message appears when Excel was installed without VBA part. It should reinstall Excel in this 
case by checking the VBA.
When the field was calculated as a mask display text, Excel does not interpret the formula but the displays as text. 
It is in this case as a mask to Standard display so that Excel interprets the formula and displays the result.
Close Excel >> Delete the file Builder5.xlsm found in Documents >> Move the file Builder5.xlam from Excel 2007 to -
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12 \XLStart\ For Excel 2010 and above.
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\XLStart\to the desktop.
Double-click the file Builder5.xlam >> Click "Enable Macros" >> Close Excel >> Move the file Builder5.xlam 
from the desktop to the folder- 
C:\Program Files\MicrosoftOffice\Office12\XLStart\ or C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\XLStart\
Click on File menu then Options >> Go to Customize the Ribbon >> On the right, in Main Tabs check Developer.
This error message appears only with version 1.5 of Firebird.The solution is to update the engine of the database,
to version 2.x. The old version must be uninstalled before installing the new version.
The sending can be blocked by the firewall. Please check firewall setting.
IIS configuration for Center >> Set write permissions for the user and modification of IIS_IUSRS:
- All MySystem that will be accessible from the Center
- If the Center crashes when validating login, go to IIS,open the advanced properties of the application pool used 
by the Center,in the advanced properties, to Load User Profile to True.For 64-bit platforms: In IIS,open the advanced 
properties of the application pool used by the Center >> Change the setting Enable 32-bit applications to be True 
If you have installed. NET Framework 4 before installing IIS, perform the following operation >> 
Open a command prompt in administrator mode >> Go to C drive >>Windows >> Microsoft.NET >> Framework >> 
 v4.0.30319 Run aspnet_regiis.exe-i
If you have any concerns, you can go to application pools in advanced settings, you change identity to Local-System.
MyReport5 Server cannot access to files hosted on a Linux server.
Instead of creating VM on Linux and you can install MyReport on VM.
If you want to share the folder docs to MyReport center, for a diffusion with MyReport Messenger from 
security properties of docs folder you can share it. It is imperative to share the folder CENTER (which contains the 
docs folder). It is located by default in the c:Inetpub.
You must replace the machine name (Host) with the IP address of the remote site.
To start the execution of distribution through scheduled task in Windows >>call: Open Task scheduler 
>> Create new task>> Set the scheduler name >>Set scheduler time and frequency call the executable myreport.exe file 
which run at background as per your scheduling task such as for ETL-MyReportDataRun win 
while for broadcasting >> MessengerRunWin5.exe
Check Run as administrator in the properties of the executable MyReport Windows Vista,MyReport is run as a user 
(without admin rights) even if the user is an administrator.
Management Console service in Windows does not support the creation or elimination of services. 
If the user manually uninstall MyReport Server, the associated service will not be deleted automatically.
To remove it, - 
Open a Windows command line while logged Administrator. 
- Enter the command sc delete MyReport Server to remove the service. 
- Restart the server. 
- Ensure that the service no longer exists in the list Windows services. 
- Run the Setup to re-install MyReport Server.
No, you must install and activate the server console in a local directory on the server.
For example, we cannot use the\Server\defer\MyReport5.
-Close MyReport Builder. 
-Close all Excel workbooks. 
-Open the Windows Task Manager, go to the Processes tab.
-Find EXCEL.EXE process and end the process. 
-Restart Excel and MyReport Builder.
Steps to integrate a toolbar in Excel: 
-Builder5.xla add the file in the folder >> C: Program Files >> Microsoft Office >> Office (installed on your machine) 
>> XLStartBuilder5.xla 
-Add the file in the folder >> C: >> Documents and Settings >> UserName >> Apps Data >> Microsoft 
>> Excel >> XLSTART In Excel >> Tools >> Add-Ins >>
Browse >> Select the file and validate Builder5.xla >> Double click the file Builder5.xla
When integrating a toolbar in Excel using several methods, it may be a conflict of macros.
In this case, cancel the integration by a method and update the toolbar in Excel.
Set an update frequency of ETL to Daily for models to update manually >> Do not start MyReport Datarun.
>> Start MyReport DatarunWin every time when you want to load the data warehouse, and do not schedule
in Windows Task scheduler.
Check that the database is started >> If the server has a firewall, verify that the port is open (by default 3306)
>> Check that the user name/Password is correct >> Check the MySQL IP addresses where the database is hosted.
It is recommended not to use any delimiter table and fields.
The launch of MyReport Builder from Microsoft Excel can be prevented by blocking macros by Kaspersky.
To unlock, right click on the icon Kaspersky icon; Tab Settings - Display Settings - Security Settings and check low.
In Excel 2007, if you encounter the error message Invalid parameter during your broadcast with the Messenger,
you need to install the SP3 package of Excel 2007.
Go to: Settings >> Advanced Options in the Web Content >> Languages and spell checker settings
 >> Set the desired language in the first position.
After adding a table and join, you may experience problems of slow (tens of minutes instead of tens of seconds) ETL.
In this case, you can verify that you do not have a simple join and outer join on this table.
Note: - Response time of the Informix database are long if you mix the joints.