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STA- Ticketing System For SAP

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As an official and authorized Premium partner, Quick Report Software Pvt. Ltd. supplies you with legitimate licences directly from STA Consulting, Hungary.

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Supercharge your SAP Solution Manager Service Desk or any other external ITSM Platforms with STA Offering

Quick Report aims to deliver IT solutions to enterprises ranging from small companies to the largest enterprises worldwide who possesses the SAP licenses.

As we all know management of SAP incidents is not easy going…Typical problems which arise are incomplete or incorrect error reports, many duplicate incidents, underutilized knowledge base, manual routing & categorization of incidents, etc.

STA Offering is proving to be an enhancement to the existing SAP Ticketing tool. Ticket management is crucial for any company, impacting the efficiency of IT service management. By creating a ticket within the SAP GUI can help in reducing the system downtime, reduce ticket resolution times, resolve bugs-errors and optimize service desk resources. All this will result in less manual effort.

QRS along with STA Consulting, a Hungarian Company, an SAP Application Development partner are here to help customers-users to simplify SAP Ticketing processes, cut related costs and help end-users to have a better ticketing experience. STA Ticketing System is a simple and easy way to create support tickets with an SAP Add-on which helps to send detailed reports about incidents to your support partner.


Features and Benefits

  • Tickets are created from SAP GUI automatically
  • Elimination of duplicate tickets
  • Automatic support group determination
  • Knowledge Base search in SAP
  • Get your tickets resolved faster
  • 360-degree view on the problem
  • Less communication required
  • Cut Average Cost per Ticket
  • Easy integration with external ticketing systems
  • Screenshots, authorized reports are added automatically

      Incident Notification PDF created automatically


Quick Report Software along with STA Consulting is committed to give efficient and effective solutions thus enhancing the existing SAP Ticketing process and system, thus achieving a faster resolution time and lesser incidents.