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Safety Day

Organize a Safety Day with our Immersive workshops in Virtual Reality to opt for an innovative pedagogical approach on occupational safety and health.

To pursue a different approach to risk prevention in companies, Immersive Factory has developed an innovative turnkey VR- based animation which can be easily integrated as a workshop during your Safety Day or Safety Week

Why Safety Day with Immersive Factory?

  • During a safety day employee participates in our workshops in virtual reality.
  • All our Exercises during these workshops are based on real-life issues of occupational health and safety of employees, highlighting hazardous actions or situations. (Ex: Changing a light bulb at a height, risk of falling if the security harness is not put on)
  • Our Catalogue of exercises is dedicated to:
  1. Work at height
  2. Hazard spotting
  3. Working in confined space
  4. Eco- Friendly Actions
  • Potential theme examples, excerpts from existing VR trainings:
  1. Driving behavior (forklift, car, truck, …)
  2. Coactivity, crossing between vehicles and pedestrians.


  • Face hazardous situations and live an accident in virtual reality and its consequences.
  • Identify dangers and correct them.
  • Encourage to stay alert, follow instructions and procedures.
  • Better memorization and contribute to improve behaviors.
  • Simulate the use of expensive equipment/materials.
  • Simulate tasks that are difficult to reproduce in real environment.

Here are few snapshots of succesful safety day conducted for one of India’s Largest Consumer and Goods provider company.