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Business and Management issues

Get when you want the synthesis of activity tracking of your sales representatives and devote a minimum of time and energy to the production of activity reports to devote themselves to the analysis.

Obtain periodic activity reports to the different departments (commercial, HR, financial, etc.) with synchronized and reliable data.


 Common Reporting issues

Major part of reporting and data analysis happens at operational excellence level, Reports built are not delivered when required, Finance reports and consolidations is always cumbersome, Most of the reports are repetitive and requires scheduled dispatches, ERP’s do not give out of the box reporting.


MyReport – A Solution for all your Reporting, MIS and BI issues

We offer you on point Reporting solutions with the added benefits of visualization and minimum manual consolidation! Everything is compact, MyReport makes your working process silk smooth with a dedicated and integrated Excel as well as Web based UI! Your business strategies and decision-making abilities now have fool proof guidance, you can adapt to your data no matter how rapidly it changes!

MyReport’s unique distribution tool, will help you to distribute Reports. You can set triggers and warnings with the help of this tool, but most importantly, your reports can be distributed in multiple formats like PDF, EXCEL, EXCEL without the data, etc.


Here’s how MyReport is a compact Reporting & BI Tool 

Attractive and customizable Dashboards, Source, Target and Query Data in the same zone, Versatile Report distribution formats (Excel, PDF, Excel without data etc.), Alerts via MyReport Messenger, Web Reporting – Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device and Integration in Excel makes it simple.

MyReport’s versatility isn’t just constricted to technical aspects. The actual handling or working process of MyReport is unbelievably simple!

MyReport is operational on almost every Industry Vertical. This is its powered specialty. Absolutely zero platform or industry genre restrictions, MyReport adapts itself to almost every kind of data. You will experience zero data leakage, this helps to move ahead with an affirmed mind state. MyReport helps you to take the leap of faith with the most volatile business decisions!

To be a data driven organization, you need Reporting and BI solutions which can adapt to your progress. You will need your data from multiple sources to be linked in a way which is easily accessible. You must visualize to plan; your organization evolves when the data is self-sufficient! MyReport is that seed of change which helps you to understand the capabilities of your data. Let MyReport become an integral part of your working system, we assure you that this is what you need for your organization to become a data powerhouse!


MyReport can help you


1.Create your own business dashboards

With MyReport, you are directly connected to your ERP, your CRM, or any data source (Sage 100, Sage ERP X3, Cegid, Divalto, Microsoft Dynamics, objectives xls files …) and establish a unique link between your reporting and its data.

Integrated with Excel , MyReport allows you to be autonomous in the creation and update of your activity tracking tables!


2.Automate your current business reporting to save time

Your existing Excel business reporting is a great way to get started quickly with MyReport. The “Cell” mode allows you to automate your operations and save time. With MyReport, less re-keying, less copy-and-paste, and on-demand updates.

MyReport allows you to keep the benefits of Excel while going 5 times faster to create the same tables!


3.Share with who you want with ease

From Excel workbooks to web portal delivery, MyReport automates the distribution of your report to your sales team.

The data is secure relative to the rights of each. Thus, only 1 table to create for you, 1 table to diffuse and as many different reports that you have of commercial according to their data (departments, range of products, etc.).


4.Drive your business in real time with MyReport

You are a Managing Director or part of the management committee of your company. You want to be able to access the monitoring of the activity in real time and simply.


5. KPI Dashboard  Create the best one for your Business

KPI dashboards are best considered from an operational and strategic perspective. An operational dashboard allows you to check the day-to-day processes and outputs of your business to make sure everything is running smoothly. It provides information that allows you to fix issues before they become problems and affect performance. An example might include a call centre KPI dashboard which shows the number of calls, average wait time on hold, etc. Your strategic dashboard, on the other hand, looks to the future and seeks to identify obstacles and challenges that you may face on the way to achieving your strategic goals, such as profit projections, market share growth, etc. Both types are important for business success.

A good key performance indicator dashboard gives decision makers quick access to the critical indicators or instruments of the business, and helps them decide whether they are on track or not. Unfortunately, some KPI dashboards are a case of style over usefulness, or are so crowded with detail that it’s impossible to decipher the important information. Designing a good key performance indicator dashboard takes careful thought.