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The Power Fusion to make Reporting Easy

The Power Fusion to make Reporting Easy

Reporting is a crucial process and a tedious one if we may add. Many elements are taken into consideration while creating a report such as the data warehousing, data extraction and consolidation, the visual representation of the report, ETL and much more.

Utilising MyReport along with Power BI will make the entire process of creating a report a seamless and easy.

Power BI is a very powerful Microsoft reporting tool used for creating fine reports and dashboards.

The basic building blocks of Reporting/BI include the following:

  1. Data Warehousing & ETL
  2. Visualisation (Reports & Dashboards)

Data Warehousing – Data warehousing includes the process of data extraction, consolidation and analysis at different levels.

Visualisation – Power BI gives you a visual representation of the data and the process of acquiring a visual representation is called visualization. There are various types of visualizations provided by Power BI such as map representation, card visualization, stacked area chart, tree map and pie chart. These types can be updated periodically. Visualization helps in representing the data to provide more insights.

  1. Reports– Collection of visualization types appearing together is called a report. You can arrange the visualization types, the pages and the reports formed through them in the way you prefer to depict the data and information.
  2. Dashboards– A Dashboard is a single page interface which consists of only crucial elements and visualization types in the form of tiles. This makes analysis of data easy and helps in quick decision making.

The MyReport tool will compliment Power BI in the following things

  1. Data Warehousing
  2. ETL CapabilitiesPower BI diagram

The Functionalities and role of MyReport in the process of reporting along with Power BI

In the process of reporting, MyReport tool will transform and filter the data collected from various data sources by building a data warehouse. Owing to its ETL capabilities, MyReport the tool will be of great assistance in the process of reporting along with Power BI. The scheduling of the Data warehouses that have been built to transfigure and modify the data is done aptly by the ETL functionalities of MyReport. This process is done at a predefined time and frequency.

The Data warehouses that are built by MyReport tool prove to be of great assistance and support to the superior quality visualisation provided by the Power BI tool. The resultant is the creation of exemplary reports and dashboards.

MyReport’s Data Warehousing & ETL capabilities + Power BI’s visualization feature = Impeccable Reports


The Power Consultant – QR will provide an advantageous Power BI consultancy

Quick Report will provide major assistance in setting up a secure road map for reporting with Power BI by studying the data structure. It will also study the reporting requirements and help in constructing interactive & customised reports and dashboards.

Quick Report will help the customers to put to use their current Power BI licence while MyReport tool will assist them in reviewing and enhancing their Power BI set up.

MyReport simplifies data extraction, consolidation and transformation thus yielding easy reporting solutions.