The COVID19 pandemic might have shook the world and made us quarantine indoors but sure has given a mental stimulation for how businesses will run in coming days and years to come.

Most of the businesses, small or big will have an excessive impact on their sales, driving them to rigorously alter their business processes to survive and stay existent. Companies will try to be leaner in terms of costs and expenses (both direct and indirect) with complete focus to maintain their Top and bottom line balanced. We all surely agree that, it has become imperative that we take such actions but most importantly (I feel) we do also need to think how we are going to make our businesses future ready. The current situation would also mean a ground zero state for lots of businesses around us, but this at the same time gives abundant chance to innovate, discover, re-invent or diversify a new way of doing business here after, whether this pandemic scare gets over or no. After all as we all know “necessity is mother of all the inventions”. One thing has be loud and clear, that things cannot stop forever, and the show must go on.

Apparently, this lockdown phase has given a decent chance for all the entrepreneurs, business owners, department heads, Managers to invest their times to make the businesses future ready by innovating and re-engineering their processes. To make businesses future ready companies will have to keep investing time and resources in technology, digitisation, development of frugal options and alternatives in production and non-production areas, and all the other GOOD costs required for the betterment.

Digitisation, Automation and Use of Technology within all the areas of businesses will remain a key investment, to stay on course, sustain and succeed while the things get back to near normal. This would also make businesses be more transparent, consistent, error-free and extremely simple to handle even with limited human and other resources. This is best time to invest in all these initiatives  as we being in our most creative state of minds being less stressed due to non-operational conditions.

Humans have always evolved and adapted to all the changes all these years and these days will also pass by. One day, we will also have a vaccine and full remedial medicines against COVID19, but this time we should learn and be more prepared than today. This time we all Be more cautious, Use resources wisely, Maintain high level of hygiene and Adapt technology to our advantage for us and the future generations to come.

Stay Home. Stay Fit

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Yashdeep Joshi, Director.

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