On-board Analytics

In the current context, being able to make decisions in a short period of time is a real lever for differentiation and competitiveness. Yet only a minority of businesses have access to the information they need to make better decisions.

However, mastering your data means knowing how to centralize it, process it, analyze it and finally restore it. This is how decision-makers will be able to manage their business and this is all the benefit of data visualization and more precisely embedded analytics by making it possible to make the best decision at the right time.

What is embedded analytics?

It is a set of technical components allowing you to restore your analyzes and KPI’s to the place where users are browsing. It is therefore the ability to embed your data in a web page or in a company portal in order to bring the user’s information closer.

Your indicators, where you and your customers need them!

  • So-called “classic” Business Intelligence meets the overall management needs of companies by setting up dashboards and other KPIs to manage the activity. Where the going gets tough is when you need to make real-time decisions, based on right-to-the-moment data. In other words, having the right information, at the right time, to Act in consequence.
  • With Embedded, business intelligence takes on a new dimension. You will be able to easily incorporate your dashboards into multiple applications regardless of its technical architecture.

Some use cases:

Do you want to prepare or modify a sales order based on the products available in stock at the same time you speak to him? For this, real-time reporting containing KPI’s and specific graphics presenting the state of stocks is essential. If these KPI’s are integrated into the customer intranet, the customer experience will be even more successful!

Do you want to involve your employees more in monitoring corporate strategy and be more transparent? To do this, display the Comparison of CA vs Objectives per month in your company portal to make teams aware of the achievement of these objectives.

Do you want to share key analyzes on a web page to highlight your company’s performance or your expertise on a subject? To do this, discover our example of integration in WordPress.

The advantages of on-board analytics with MyReport

  • MyReport Business Evolution is enriched with new functionalities with its version 3.2 including the integration of the API, the key benefits of which are below.
  • The analytics embedded with the MyReport Business Intelligence solution will allow you to publish key, attractive and interactive indicators of result or performance in your business applications (CRM, ERP, etc.), your company portal or even on your website.
  • The integration of your dashboards into your business applications, your internet portal or even your website is done in a secure and simplified manner.
  • The MyReport Center Embedded API eliminates the need for tedious user synchronization. Indeed, the contexts of use are multiple and if you want to integrate dashboards on your website, the users are unknown so it is complex to be able to identify them and synchronize them with an on-board analytics tool other than MyReport.
  • MyReport also gives you great flexibility in customizing the data presented. Depending on your target audience and the key message you want to convey, thanks to the ease of use of MyReport, you will convey the right message to the right person in real time.

Embedded analytics allow you to simplify data-driven decision making and anticipate trends. Embedded analytics allows your employees to become even more savvy about their data and to become data-driven.

Do you want to know more about on-board analytics with MyReport Business Evolution? Contact our experts by clicking below.

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