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Business Evolution

The Complete BI Platform

The ideal self-service solution for decision-making projects


The company, with MyReport Business Evolution, has access to a reliable analysis of its data, offering it complete transparency, on its activities and markets. MyReport Business Evolution complements existing information systems and reconciles business decisors and CIO by providing, on the one hand, a secure decision-making infrastructure and, on the other hand, by enabling each decision to be included in a data analysis process.

Bringing innovation to every step

MyReport Business Evolution covers the entire decision-making chain, from data collection to sharing through analysis and restitution. Whether centralized in a Datawarehouse or not, from flat files, databases, or internal software, MyReport Business Evolution connects to all data sources and allows teams to perform analytics independently. The data thus processed conveys all its added value in our rendering ion tools: Broadcast by email, Data storytelling in the Office suite, or KPI’s mobile analysis via our online data visualization tool.


Assets that guarantee success

The power of MyReport Business Evolution makes it possible to access all data quickly and in real-time, regardless of the source. At the same time, the originality of the solution lies in its approach to decision-making oriented towards the business user and aimed at promoting the identification of clear and precise indicators, shareable with employees and therefore finally effective decision-making. MyReport Business Evolution also ensures perfect control of the quality of the data as well as the security of the information circulating in the company.

”MyReport Business Evolution allows me to regain power over my data”

Valuing Data in all its states

Integration solution VAT

Collect Data

Databases, Internal Applications, Flat or Excel Files.

Compliance & challenges GSTN

Data Visualization

Broadcast & Alerts, Storytelling, Data warehouse Update

datawarehousing icon.

Analyse and Data Mining

Build your KPI’s and Dashboards

All components put together to meet the needs


  • Architecture 64 bits, N-tiers
  • ALERTs on ETL
  • User management via Active Directory
  • Data quality management
  • Modeling by dragging drop
  • Secure flows
  • Multi-source connection
  • Dynamic semantic layer
  • Compatible Office 365
  • Real-time connection
  • Administration console
  • BI self-service

Accompanying as a guarantee of the project’s success


At Report One and our integrators, we are concerned about the smooth running of MyReport Business Evolution’s projects and user satisfaction. To ensure the successful completion of projects, we offer consulting and expert services, installation, training for all our clients, whether on-site or via remote solutions.

We offer close and agile support for project implementation, in order to achieve quick and guaranteed results. Our project method implementation focuses on:

  • The appropriation and rapid acceptance of the tools offered to the various users of the company
  • Achieving rapid operational results from the first interventions
  • The autonomy of the client in the evolution of its needs