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GSTN Bridge - Compliance and Challenges

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GSTN Bridge - Compliance and Challenges

All businesses except for excluded products and services need to be compliant with GST and its filing process. Depending on the kind of business one is into the forms and processes may vary. Nevertheless, following process would be generically required to be followed by all the businesses:


  1. Apply GST for products and service as per HSN and SAC interpretation.
  2. Filing of GTR1 to GSTR9 on different frequencies.
  3. Credits can be availed only against matched documents on GSTN portal and reconciled as per stipulated date period.
  4. Filing mandate to avail credit on input GST.
  5. All businesses small (above 75 Lac TO) or big are required to do the filing.
  6. Mandate on all to pay the GST payable latest by 20th of following month.