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Software Solutions for Digital Signages & Dynamic Presentations


We, Quick Report have syndicated with Presentation Point, Belgium to provide great & adaptable Solutions for Digital Signage, Dynamic data driven Presentations and KPI’s and Dashboards. The aim here is to enhance the digital signage experience with the best real-time, data-driven displays and presentations for businesses in different domain. Being a PowerPoint add-on, this solution can be readily used to update the content of your PowerPoint presentations automatically and ultimately helps to save the time and money.



– Digital signage and Infographics
– Live updating
– Announcements and presentations
– Digital menus, Offers and Advertisement boards
– Info Screens
– Data-driven presentations

– KPI’s, Reports and dashboards for manufacturing and Engineering
– Waiting room queue management and many other tasks.


Two major products which help to deliver this solutions are

  • DataPoint (DP)
  • iPoint (IP)

1. Data Point

DataPoint helps to present your real time data visually and Connect your presentation to an external data source like a database, XML file, Google Sheets, JSON, OData, Microsoft SharePoint, OLE DB and ODBC, RSS feed, Facebook info, news, weather, Google Calendar. Link to text box, table, chart, tachymeter or gauge to this data source.

2. iPoint

iPoint helps to create, schedule, distribute, Synchronize and monitor playlists of    multimedia files remotely. With iPoint’s scheduling feature you can manage and control a farm of digital signage monitors from any Windows computer. It allows to publish an information and advertisements at multiple locations worldwide.


Product Features


-Presentation Point is Self- Updating PowerPoint presentations.

-Displays the information coming from various data sources.

-Displays Graphical display of your information in real-time during the slide show

-Generate new up-to-date presentation with single click.

-Create playlists with images, videos and Microsoft PowerPoint files.



Solution Benefits














No special computer is needed to run this system and software. The entire system would run on an average Window-based personal computer (Compustick) . Interesting pricing and easy to operate as it uses Microsoft PowerPoint to design your reports and documents though Save time and costs by automating your reporting. Regenerate reports automatically with the latest information, anytime, anywhere.

Distribute reports in your company to colleagues or give them the ability to rerun a given report again with the latest information themselves. Display the information in various formats such as texts and numbers, charts, tables, images and many more.


This is solution certainly proves to be a good digitalization initiative thus enabling the organizations to achieve better data visuality through data driven PowerPoint presentation solutions provided with user friendly UI.

Digital Signage on Cloud

Digital signage, also known as dynamic signage, consists of a computer or a playback device, connected to one or more large digital screens, such as an LCD or a plasma display.



  • Display Menu
  • Attractive Offers
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Update
  • Advertisement



Access Your Signage from Anywhere 

Traveling and need to make changes to your digital signage? No problem. Just login anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Access from More Devices 

Using Signage Tube, you can access your account and digital signage software from any Internet-connected computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Automatic Updates 

With cloud-based digital signage, you automatically get the latest version of the software every time you log in.

Equipment Saving 

You can access your account from any International computer and the cloud handles the rest.

Disaster Recovery

Your playlists and uploaded media are all backed up in the cloud, so you won’t lose these files.


Digital Signage from every desktop

Create Playlists

Starts with a new playlist and add multimedia files to it. Use presentations and videos.

Keep the Overview 

See live what is displayed on your remote digital signage screens. A must for every digital signage operator, instant feedback.

Playlist Assignment 

Use a calendar and plan your playlists for playback on screens.