Data Quality Management: Why Implement a data Quality approach?

The most beautiful dashboard or control panel in your business can also be the most dangerous! …  If it is  not based on  reliable and controlled data . As the  American author  Daniel  Boorstin puts it  : “the greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge”. 

In the summer of 2019, Ernst & Young  again confirmed that one in four managers did not trust   their organization data And yet, one of the main challenges  for companies when it comes to controlling their data is  first of all  to allow decision-makers to increase their chances of making good decisions!  

Business intelligence makes it possible  to implement a real data quality management strategy  : it provides  the means to manage it through dashboards . More than that still, the “ETL” functionalities  offer a range of control and alert means which make it possible to formalize the management rules that are too little documented or formalized.  

4 main axes contribute to better data quality . 

Honest data 

Finance departments are usually the first  aware of the issues of data quality, they who must ensure the sincerity of  accounts  they publish . Audit trail, traceability are words often used  because they emphasize  the explanation to be  given of the results obtained. 

The automation of existing reporting , if it is still too much built “by hand” is the first benefit  of the implementation of a BI solution. This reassures , reduces the risk of errors and  in the  vast majority of cases induces a much greater  level of confidence on the part of users. 

Comprehensive data 

The marketing department  has Does -it  all the  email addresses of its customers for its campaigns? The nome clature s articles is she properly informed to correctly calculate the cost? 

There are many cases  where  business intelligence can help  improve the completeness of the data in your databases. Prioritizing essential information and setting up an alert panel are simple and very effective means  The alert  that critical information is missing  can even be given as soon as the data is loaded into the warehouse . 

Data  accurate 

With growing maturity, some companies are  implementing so-called “master data” reference data. It ‘s  defined  as a reference with which to compare operational data.  In terms of financial consolidation,  for example , the existence of a “group” chart of accounts  makes it possible to control correspondence with the charts of accounts of subsidiaries. The management of a repository of customers (or suppliers) makes it possible to  compare the information contained in the various business applications and to alert operational staff to any differences. 

Could you  easily answer this simple question: “How many customers do we have?” ”  : Subscribers to your services? whose address you have? who  were billed this year? etc. Having a repository also allows everyone  to know  where to  find the answer. 

Up-to-date data 

Data is by nature a perishable good!  to come back to the example above:  “is  a customer who has not ordered for 3 years still  a  customer?”  ” But also:” is the reporting up  to date with the latest data “? the answer to these questions s  highlights the time, decisive element in the quality of your data.  There again, no ready-made answer but you have to ask yourself this question , depending on the professions and their needs. The e real time is not necessarily  THE answer and certainly is not the same between a financial function and a business function or an HR function.   

Business Intelligence to  make your data more reliable? YES ! 

Obviously, the quality of the data depends on what we  do with the data, how we use them.  From this point of view,  implementing a business intelligence solution constitutes a real opportunity to really improve the quality of your company’s data: 

  • ETL incorporates  es quality rules  and alerts you as soon as the source of inconsistency s, 
  • The warehouse contains  your  reference data  with which you compare  the reality of your operational processes, 
  • And finally, the dashboards do not only concern management results, but make it possible to  manage the indicators of your data quality and to sensitize all the employees who contribute to them on a daily basis. 

So many additional  good reasons  for choosing  to implement a business intelligence solution . 

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