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Consultation, key to the success of your projects

Quick Report systematically offers support and services in the operational context. Our methodology, based on over 9 years of experience, allows our BI consultants to help you deploy the solution in the best conditions and thus participate in the success of your project.


An Innovative and economic approach for quick outcome

At Quick report, our consulting approach is a part of the application of agile methods which implies:

  1. To have an empowered team able to communicate effectively.
  2. Prioritize the operation of the application on the development of a comprehensive technical documentation.
  3. To involve the customer closely in the realization of the application by a permanent collaboration and a continuous feedback on the adequacy of the developments to its expectations.
  4. Consider that the conditions and objectives of a business may change over time, leading to greater flexibility in planning and initial specifications.

MyReport is operational on almost every Industry Vertical. This is its powered specialty. Absolutely zero platform or industry genre restrictions, MyReport adapts itself to almost every kind of data. You will experience zero data leakage, this helps to move ahead with an affirmed mind state. MyReport helps you to take the leap of faith with the most volatile business decisions!


To be a data driven organization, you need MIS solutions which can adapt to your progress. You will need your data from multiple sources to be linked in a way which is easily accessible. You must visualize to plan ahead, your organization evolves when the data is self-sufficient! MyReport is that seed of change which helps you to understand the capabilities of your data. Let MyReport become an integral part of your working system, we assure you that this is what you need for your organization to become a data powerhouse!