Connect to ASP / GSP with quality and beyond it with MyReport.

MyReport is made to is simplify your Data and MIS Solution. It is a tool that helps you integrate, upload, transform and reconcile any type of data. Once the need for integrating data for GSTN server came in. We were able to provide a solution for the ASP/GSP utility.

MyReport connects to your favorite ASP and GSP services with quality, robustness and scalability. All the 3 aspects are so essential, as the real work of compliance and its returns (of course positive) depends on the data which is going to GSTN portal. We feel, this activity though extremely important, should not be given so much importance. It just consumes a large amount of effort and time. Especially if you are proud doing it manually or hardcoding programs in your ERP. This activity of data extraction hence needs to be highly elastic in nature, to incorporate any changes in business or GSTN coming in future.

This is where MyReport can help you as a Data bridge to your ERP’s
a) Quality: Accurate data is key to seamless passage of data to GSTN through your ASP/GSP. Unfortunately, we do not work with ideal system configurations and processes, making our data unfit to be uploaded as it is. ERP processes also have a lot of complicated IF / THEN conditions for data segregation as per GSTN requirements. MyReport can ensure the quality of data with all your requirements every single time data is transferred saving a huge amount of time of manual validation and human dependency.

b) Robustness: It is essential for such activities to be performed periodically without any hindrances – every day or every week or every month. Such a consistent performance cannot be expected from humans who would be doing a manual extraction or validation activities. It could become a monotonous and will add no value to the work done. With MyReport, the data will be transferred as desired, as per your format without any manual intervention consistently.

c) Scalability: Businesses change, processes change and it could happen with GSTN as well. Adapting to these changes rapidly would then become a key differentiator going forward. Leaving it on a programmer to prepare a complex coding which functional people are unaware of and eventually overload your program. It would further lead to inefficient or erroneous file generation. MyReport gives you a User Interface (UI) based data mapping capability which can be used by anybody and everybody in the organization to take care of changes faster than you can think of.

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