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Scattered and Diverse Data

Organizations typically run multiple systems or files for multiple functions and departments like ERP, POS, CEM warehouse systems, budget excel files etc.  It is highly cumbersome to collate all these data sheets manually and then work on them with formulas and excel functions. Most of time hence goes in collecting and organizing the data, exhausting valuable time of MIS resources and Managers.

Our data is precious and stored in different systems, files and databases. Such sources are normally disintegrated in nature but are very useful to make our decisions.


MyReport – A Solution for Data Extraction, Consolidation & Transformation

1.Can connect to multiple data sources.

2.Centralizes and Harmonizes the data to make the best use of it.

3.Enhance reliability and ensure accurate Information.

4.Automatic Scheduling for Extract, Transform, Load (ETL).


Collect, Organise and administer your data with MyReport!

MyReport enables you to collaborate and centralize your entire data in an elegant and controllable data base. We’re talking about reduction in tedious data handling time, almost by one fifth! Flexible and simple, you can now link and control your data without losing in on the visualization. You can now work on any unfamiliar data with the utmost ease, MyReport will see to it that data transformation and management is done according to your needs!

MyReport is one of BI tools which collaborates ETL as well as the Reporting. The free-flowing connectivity with the databases makes MyReport an integral asset while working on your data; Native Drivers are especially dedicated to connecting your most commonly used databases!

Another important aspect of MyReport is that your data warehouse can be used as a source data! Yes, you can filter out the time by using your data warehouse as a starting point for your other work and applications.



We, at Quick Report, are extremely proud to announce that we have worked with Navision/ Dynamics, SAP, ORACLE LABS, SAP BI and several others!