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 100% Subsidiary of Report One, France 

In the era of industries focusing on cost cutting and return on investment, decision making needs to be fast with the use of Business Intelligence and Analytical tools. Thus, the management of Quick Report are glad to share the MyReport suite of tools which are affordable, gives quick ROI and helps the management to make the right and fast decisions by analysing organisations data spread across systems and applications.

Some Reasons to Work Together

Being Simple

We foresee a focused journey where we will diversify only to deliver ‘Simple and Affordable’ value in the areas of Data warehousing, BI and Reporting.

We Believe in Good Relation

A strong workforce consisting of 200 people; Direct and Partner ecosystem put together, with a predicated per year growth of almost 50 people.

Value Out of Brand

Simple, Sustainable and affordable data solutions in MIS and Reporting Vertical.

Reporting Software Suite Integrated with Excel and Web

Multisource Data connection, Data management, ETL, Automatic Scheduling. Report Sharing and Dashboard Creations are some of the features of MyReport.

Universal Data Connectivity through CData Drivers

CData provides universal data connectivity through real time data with integrated connectivity to live data, web API’s.

MyReport and CData a perfect Blend! Welcome to the new world of Standard ODBC driver Connectivity.

A service Team Dedicated to the success of your project



Needs analysis and operational advice


Training and skills transfer


Support, Functional and technical maintenance